Are YOU On The Verge Of Giving Up?

Remember that Jesus is beside you. Let Him help.

My husband and I recently went to Disney World with our children and grandchildren. We had a wonderful time and made lots of sweet memories together, but unexpectedly, I discovered several God-moments waiting for me as we made our way through the parks.

Our four grandchildren who were with us on this trip range in age from 8 to 5. They were excited about the attraction where children can drive the cars. Since our party was uneven in numbers and two people fit in each car, I sat out that one and headed down to get pictures of everyone as they puttered past on the track.

As I waited for my gang to drive by, I noticed a car with a father and his son who looked to be about 7. They rolled down the hill at the beginning, and then as they neared where I sat, the car lurched a few times and then stopped.

The young driver looked panicked, “I can’t do it.”

His father quietly said, “Yes, you can.”

“No. I can’t!”

“Yes, you can, son.”

The little guy was almost in tears, “I CAN’T!”

With deep patience, the father said, “Son, you can do this. I’m going to help you.”

Then he talked him through pushing the gas pedal and steering the car. And mere moments later with the father helping his son, the two went smoothly on their way down the track.

The scene brought tears to my eyes because I can’t imagine how many times God’s had to do that with me. I can hear the conversations in my mind, “Lord, what You’ve asked me to do is too big. I can’t do this.”

And that sweet whisper to my soul, “Yes, you can.”

Then every time things got hard or when I had failures along the way, I’d reply, “See, I told You I can’t do it.”

He’d reply, “You can.”

Time and time again He’s patiently encouraged me on the journey. And just like that little boy’s dad, my sweet Father has said, “Michelle, you can do this. I’m going to help you.”

That’s where the true strength comes in. I’m keenly aware that I can’t do things under my own power, but when He comes beside me and provides wisdom and strength, there’s no way I can fail.

I’m so grateful for God and for Jesus who travels beside me—and with you—every day of our lives. Oh, and I’ve discovered one more thing that makes a big difference: Life goes much smoother when I give up my control and let Him take the wheel.

Friends, are you struggling with something today? Have the “I can’t” moments taken over? You can trust the One who’s riding through life beside you. Say this quick prayer, if you’re about to give up and need visible help right now, “Dear Jesus, please help me, thank you for walking besides me, I really don’t want to give up, but I’ve exhausted my options and I am tired of trying  – Amen!