Have you grown “weary”?

Weary is a word that often means tired, or tired of trying, tired of working, tired of problems, tired of issues, tired of drama, in other words tired of being tired!

Weary can also mean discouraged, worried, or depressed. Weary can be a feeling or state of mind. If you have grown weary, you don’t have to let weariness get the best of you, Jesus can help!

Jesus is the only one who can give you rest when you are weary. Jesus promises to give you rest in your soul and strength for your journey. Jesus wants to be the one who helps you when you are discouraged, worried, or depressed.

In the Bible, Jesus says to his disciples “Come, you who are weary and find rest. Come to me.” -(Matthew 11:28)

I have found that when I am weary and discouraged, it is a good time for me to come to Jesus cause I know Jesus will give me rest.

I have talked to lots of my friends, and I have found that there are times when we all feel weary, tired, discouraged, worried, or depressed. We have our moments when we want to give up on life. When we are tired of trying and just want to let go. When we don’t know if there is any hope for us and if there is a way out of the darkness in our lives.

But there is good news! Jesus has come to rescue us from the weariness that comes from trying to do life on our own. He has come to rescue us from the discouragement that comes from thinking that nobody cares or nobody understands what we are going through. He has come to rescue us from the worry and anxiety that comes when we try so hard but still can’t seem to get ahead in life. And he has come to give you beauty for the ashes that life has heaped on you! Jesus has come to give you that abundant life that the Bible speaks of in John 10:10!

It is true for most folks that life may never be the exact way you want it to be, and some things will never change no matter what you do, but we encourage you to not get stuck in what was, what isn’t working and what you still don’t have yet, because Jesus has so much good that is available to you today! Jesus has so much good that is available to you right now. 

Instead of dwelling in the ditches of disgust, difficulty, or despair, repeat this prayer every day, and let Jesus be the Lord of your life and bring to you the good that He has for you each day! If you do that, you will lose interest in the pain of yesterday because you will be so busy enjoying God’s beauty for your ashes of today! 

If you’re ready, say this prayer;

Jesus, you are Lord, you are good, steadfast, kind, compassionate, ever present, forgiving and merciful, In your infinite wisdom and infinite wisdom, I ask you Jesus to bring me that which you have for me that is good. I ask you to bring it to me and bring it to me with no pain or sorrow added to it, it is in your name I ask and pray – Amen!

Authors; Mike & The WIN International Ministries team