Invite Jesus in Your Pain!

As Jesus entered Jerusalem, the people went wild with excitement—the entire city was thrown into an uproar! Some asked, “Who is this man?” And the crowds shouted back, “This is Jesus! He’s the prophet from Nazareth of Galilee!” [Matthew 21:10-11 TPT]

The procession of the palms was concluding and Jesus was entering Jerusalem. The crowds were shouting: “Bring the victory, Lord, Son of David!” There was a palpable expectation that regime change was eminent.

The Jews had been oppressed by Rome for a very long time.
People wanted to be free from the rule and domination of their oppressors.
Such an atmosphere is ripe for revolution and coup d’é·tat.

I can relate to wanting to be physically free – especially from pain, how about you? Pain can cause us to embrace false hopes of physical deliverance from pain. Pain can make us want out more than we want in. Pain can make us question Jesus, and question God, pain our friend, is terrible, it does not care who it hurts, it does not care what kind of sting it leaves, and it has no conscience. Pain is undoubtedly and unfortunately an unwelcome guest with the staying power of the energizer bunny.

Give Jesus YOUR Pain, Let Him lead YOU to God’s Purposes for your Pain!

Pain often leads us to pray in way that begs for physical release.
In contrast I think that Jesus is wanting us to invite Him into our pain so that He can help. Isn’t it Interesting how in the Bible, folks never really thought about Jesus and they never really needed Jesus until they were in pain, isn’t that just like how folks are today? They never think of you and never need you or want you until they are in pain, and either need something, want something or gotta have something?

Most of the most memorable stories in the Bible, involved folks in pain, and when those folks invited Jesus in their pain, their pain was either changed, moved, disappeared, or mysteriously resolved.

So right about now, perhaps it might be a good time for you to find ways to invite Jesus into our pain? Instead of begging for release, maybe you can invite Jesus into your pain? And perhaps, in the midst of your pain, you will find release from it. Pray this prayer with me if you are dealing with any kind of pain; Come into my pain Lord Jesus.

Jesus, we invite you into our weariness.
Into our physical weaknesses.
Into the many decisions we must make.

We invite you to come into our pain and weaknesses.

We pray for you to be manifested as our God.
Our conqueror. Our healer. Our provision.
Our strength. Our hope. Our salvation.

You shoulder our load.
You cover us with your arms of love.
You protect us from all who come with words to destroy.

We invite you Lord into each moment of this season.
Each decision. Each need. The healing need.
The weaknesses of our human frailty and aging.

We receive your divine exchange. We worship you Lord Jesus. We love you Lord Jesus, come into our life and our pain, and take control. Help us Jesus, Save us Jesus, for whom the Son sets free will be free indeed!


KC Bob & Evangelist Wendy Evans