Jesus Has An Offer For YOU!

You need not be afraid, YOU need not worry, and you need not fret. Because Jesus understands and He even knows the numbers of hairs on your head. Jesus understands that you may be tired, disgusted, unsure and fed up with circumstances as they are, this is why He keeps offering you to partner with Him. There is so much that Jesus wants you to be able to see, but you can’t see it and you won’t see it if you are NOT a partner with Him. Saying the prayer of salvation gets you Jesus as your Lord and Savior, which implies that you will be saved from your sins and you will be given the right to eternal life but that doesn’t help you much right now. So, what about right now?

Don’t you want help right now? Don’t you want help while you’re alive? What about this life? What about what you’re going thru right now? Severe problems, disgusting circumstances and longstanding issues require a power greater than what is available to you right now. Jesus Christ has the power that you need to transform you, your life and your circumstances. So, What can Jesus do for you right now? Well, we’re glad you asked. When and if Jesus steps in your circumstances if you partner with Him, they could instantly change. What was trying to choke the life out of you could be altered, moved, disappeared, or gone missing.  If you want to know how Jesus can transform your life and your circumstances, you will have to partner with Him.

We’ve given you an easy guide to find out how to partner with Christ and get your life transformed! Grab your copy of Get YOUR Life Transformed in 7 days or less!: Partner With Christ and allow Christ to begin to show you what He wants you to see ! If you fail to invest in learning how YOUR life can be transformed when you partner with Christ so that you can be able to see what Christ wants you to see and get the needed improvements your life might need, you willing choose to forfeit what Jesus wants you to see when you begin to partner with Him.

You see, Jesus understands your weariness. He understands your pain and your disgust.  Even Jesus grew weary in Samaria, he became disturbed in Nazareth, and he got angry in the Temple. Jesus got sleepy in the boat on the Sea of Galilee, sad at the tomb of Lazarus, and hungry in the wilderness. Jesus endured all these feelings, because he knew you’d feel them too and He wanted to be able to minister to you right where you are and give you the compassionate care, and compassionate help you might need right about now. Jesus knew you’d be weary, disturbed, and angry. He knew you’d be sleepy, grief-stricken, and hungry. He knew you’d face pain. If not the pain of the body, the pain of the soul—pain too sharp for any drug. He knew you’d face thirst. If not a thirst for water, at least a thirst for truth. And the truth we glean from the image of a thirsty Christ is this— he understands. And because he understands, you can come to him and He can transform your problems, and He can transform you when you partner with Him!

Fear says your situation is permanent, logic says its impossible, facts say it doesn’t make sense, Science says follow logic and consider facts. Math says it does not add up.Time says its too late.Age says you are too young or too old. Education says you are not qualifier.Experience says you are novice, people say its never been done before. The past says check your history,scars say you are about to get hurt again.Comfort says its really not worthy the trouble. The future says you don’t belong here, the pocket says you can’t afford it but faith says “I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME IF I WILL PARTNER WITH HIM”

Decide to grab your copy of  GET your life transformed, Partner With Christ today and take the time to read it, follow the prompts in this very informative e-book, Christ will come into your circumstances and transform you and your circumstances which will allow you to be able to;

Rise again

You will be able to testify of Christ’s power because of what He did and what you saw as Christ worked in your life
You will be celebrated for staying the course with Christ and overcoming your problems

See what Christ wants you to see
You will be Happy, and God will be Glorified!

Remember, if you do nothing and invest nothing and continue to do the same things, the same way and continually refuse to take the offers that are put in front of you, you will continue to get nothing, you will stay the same, you will stay in the same circumstances and doubt, worry, constant complaining and discontent will be your constant companions. The choice is yours, Jesus hopes that you will choose wisely, and so do I. Pastor Bryan & – Evangelist Wendy Evans