Troubled? Sick? Need Help? Put Yourself in Jesus’s Path!

Sometimes the best way to pray is to simply put yourself in Jesus’ path of grace, healing and power.

Not long ago, my six-year-old grandson wanted to tell me something while I was busy packing for a trip. He stood in the doorway of my bedroom while I paced, pulled drawers, opened closets and assembled the things I would need for my trip. I thought I was listening to him but he apparently wasn’t pleased with the quality of my responses, so he planted himself between me and my suitcase, like a cowboy ready to draw on the streets of Laredo.

It worked. I stopped, smiled and asked him what he needed.

I no longer remember what it was that he thought so demanded my full attention, but the moment stayed with me.

Zacchaeus of Jericho found a way to put himself in Jesus’s path, Zacchaeus was too short to contend with the crowds that lined the road into town as Jesus the miracle-worker approached. But he climbed a tree in order to position himself where he might see Jesus—and Jesus might see him. As a result, Jesus not only spotted Zacchaeus and spoke to him; He ate with him and brought salvation to his house (Luke 19:1–10).

On another occasion, a group of friends helped a man who could neither hear nor speak find his way into Jesus’ path. Moments later, the man was healed (Mark 7:231-35).

A paralytic, who couldn’t even rise from his mat, was lowered through the roof of a one-story house into the middle of the crowded room where Jesus was teaching, and before long, the man stood, picked up his mat and walked home (Luke 5:17-20).

The Gospels record those incidents but never say that the person who put himself in Jesus’ path said a word. Apparently, no impassioned prayers escaped their lips. No “Lord, have mercy.” No “Jesus, heal me.” No “I believe, help my unbelief.”

Sometimes words are unnecessary. Sometimes they are superfluous. Sometimes they are impossible.

Sometimes the best way to pray is to simply and hopefully put yourself in the Jesus’s path of Grace and Healing and Power. Perhaps by standing somewhere you expect Him to pass by. Maybe by kneeling in a place where He has met you before or hovering near someone whose eyes glimmer with a reflection of the Divine.

How can you place yourself in Jesus’s path today? Wonder what would happen if you found a way to place yourself in Jesus’s Path?