Trust Jesus, He can help!

Adoration: Tonight the chill is in the air. The wind is howling. Hard to get warm at times. But a nice warm heavy blanket wrapped around gives me security and a strong warmth to relax .

Are you quivering, or shaking with fear. Fear of the unknown and uncertainty in the world right now. Let me tell you, you should not be running scared. Jesus has your back. He wants to be your best friend.. we should bring our gifts and talents to him. We should ask him each and everyday what we should do to use our unique gifts. The Three Kings put their trust in a star to follow and find the baby, the king that came amongst them to be one of them. They brought him gifts that were worthy of a king.

As we bring in a new year, we should bring all our goals, our trials and tribulations and present them to Jesus. He wants us to talk to him like a friend. Let him know our friends name, let him know that we want to feel better. Maybe we would like to start eating healthier. Does a friend need help? Maybe someone has been very Ill from Covid, Influenza A or B, cancer or heart disease.

Stormie Omartian states in her book The Power of a Praying Grandparent: “Keep us all from accepting the judgement of man as being higher than your ability to heal.” God has the power to do miracles. All we need to do is follow his Word (reading the bible) and ask and we shall receive.

Today, too many of us are putting our faith in mankind and not in God himself. We need to turn things around. We do not need to be a pessimist and celebrate the old year leaving but need to be an optimist and celebrate the new year coming.

So go ahead speak to our Lord as if he was your best friend. Have a regular conversation about your daily life with him and use those talents you have been given. Take the time to listen and live his word. What is your Ephinany today? Are you ready to take that leap of faith and talk to him as if he were your mom or best friend.

Author Lisa Rexroat      

Jesus cares about you and wants to help! Partner with Jesus, get the help you need!