Do YOU need Jesus’s light?

When the queen of England knighted Sir Isaac Newton, it was the first time a scientist was honored this way. He was a brilliant scholar with a wide range of interests: from mathematics to natural philosophy, from the laws of motion to the laws of gravity, from the study of optics to the study of theology.

His first series of lectures at Trinity College, Cambridge, was on optics. Other scientists had begun the scientific revolution, and the study of light was a central theme. Newton made significant contributions to the scientific understanding of white light and color. He even built the first reflecting telescope.

Light is indeed a fascinating topic, and because it’s so significant, Jesus used it as a metaphor for himself when he made the statement,

“I AM the light of the world” (John 8:12).

There are at least five reasons why light is important, and these factors provide insight as to what the Lord was saying.

First, light is essential for vision. Have you ever noticed as the sun goes down late in the day, shadows grow darker, and it’s more difficult to see? If the moon and the stars aren’t in the night sky, by the time it’s pitch black you see nothing.

Light is also essential for color. As the light dims, colors fade. For this reason, light is a necessary ingredient for beauty in the world.

Third, the earth’s food chain depends on light. Photosynthesis is the process whereby plants use the energy of light to produce food. In other words, without light, there is no life. 

It’s also worth noting that for a lot of people, light is a key element of happiness. Many studies have shown higher levels of depression where there is less natural light. This seems to be true for some who work indoors, as well as for those who live in areas where there are seasonally shorter days.

One more observation is that light can drive away fear. When our son was five years old, we’d put him to bed at night, singing a song and praying with him before turning out the light. In a few minutes, we’d hear him yelling, “There’s a wolf!” 

“No, son. There’s not a wolf.”

“Yes, there is. Would you leave the light on?”

When the light was on, he could see, so he wasn’t afraid. But in the dark, his imagination went into gear, and he was afraid.

The impact when Jesus comes into a person’s life is similar to what light does in the natural world. He opens our eyes, giving us vision. He adds color and beauty to our lives. He brings life and happiness, and drives away fear. Our Creator already knew what Sir Isaac Newton and other scientists took years to figure out, because he created light.

In Matthew 5:14, he who is the Light of the World turns to his disciples and in a stunning plot twist tells them, and us,

“You are the light of the world” (HCSB).

We are called to be Christ to our world. The effect of our interacting with people and the planet should add vision, beauty, life, and happiness. And, wherever there’s a Christian presence, there should be less fear.

In the same way “God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world,” but to save. John 3:17 (NKGV), he sends us into the world with the same mission. When we represent the Lord the way he hopes we will, that’s when the church is at its best, becomes most productive, remains relevant, and changes the world.

Copyright © October 2018 Paul Linzey, used with permission.

Important message for you below!

I wanted to give you a quick shout out to say that Jesus really is the light of this world, with so much darkness surrounding us all, we really do need an unfair advantage, a supernatural ace in the hole, and a Soverign hand that has the power to, the potential to and the ability to intervene on our behalf to rule and overrule some of our bad circumstances.

I’ve found that Jesus is that unfair advantage, He is light and in Him there is no darkness. No power, principalities, high ruler or wicked cauldron can change, overrule, break, or alter what Jesus controls. As the light in our dark world, Jesus offers to come into dark circumstances and light the way, for those who will put their faith, hope and trust in Him.

If your circumstances are daunting, lacking, tight, low, barren, not working, desolate, or really dark, I strongly encourage you to repeat this prayer daily until you begin to see Jesus show up and light the way!

Pray, Dear Jesus, I am a sinner in need of your saving grace, I cannot save myself, I need help, God has given you to the world to be the light of the world, the savior of those who turn to and trust you, I need some serious help up in this mug, I’ve partnered with God, I’ve partnered with you and yet I still can’t figure this crap out nor can I get it to work, I need supernatural help, I need an unfair advantage, I need a Holy Ghost infusion, I need Heavenly help, please Jesus, I invite you to become my personal Lord and Savior, again, help me, show me, light the way, for I know that you are Lord over it all, and I believe that you are willing to help me.

Intervene in my circumstances and throw me a lifeline, light the way, show me the way, reverse what has happened to me, reverse what has been meant for my harm, restore my fortunes, restore my peace of mind, my sanity and my energy, silence my enemies, disallow the plans of the enemy, overthrow wicked rulers, and confuse cauldrons and wicked entities in high places. Additionally Jesus, I superimpose your will on their will to make them bow down to your power and respect your right to rule and then overrule on my behalf, this crap is serious, and Jesus thank you, bless you Jesus and thank Evangelist Wendy Evans and bless Evangelist Wendy for ministering to me daily to show me the way, in your name I ask and pray Jesus amen!
~Evangelist  Wendy Evans

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