Do You Suffer From Anxiety? Jesus Can Help!

We all experience stress and anxiety in our lives. With work, family and all the demands that society places on us, we all tend to have more pressure on us than we care to deal with. Anxiety is quite normal. We all have fears and insecurities about things that worry us in life. The problem is when these anxieties and stresses goes over a certain threshold.


Anxiety Disorder is a mental condition that can be very detrimental to both your physical and your mental well being. A lot of people suffer from anxiety and never even seek appropriate help. When your anxiety gets to a point where it becomes overwhelming it often leads to a full blown panic attack.


Panic attacks vary in severity from person to person. The most common symptom is an overwhelming sense of being “disconnected” from your body and feeling like you lose control. It often goes hand in hand with a tightness in the neck and chest and feeling like you cannot breathe.

Although anxiety is a mental disorder it affects both your mind and your body. It starts in your mind and the symptoms affects your body. During a panic attack your fight-or-flight reflex kicks in and releases a spurt of adrenaline that usually causes the increased heart rate and perspiration.

Yes, we all have fears and anxieties but does yours consume you? Does it take hold of you and paralyse you? When your fears become so bad that is causes you to break down then you are probably having anxiety. You need to deal with it as soon as possible since these mental patterns can quickly become ingrained in your mind.


Social anxiety is one of the most common forms of anxiety and, for example, it can cause you to avoid the very social interactions that you need for your own happiness. Living with anxiety is no way to have a quality of life. Break free from the fear and get the help you need to become that strong and confident person that you are destined to be.

If you know that you have anxiety, Jesus wants to help you learn how to manage it. Jesus wants to come into the mental disorder of anxiety and change it for you at the root, if you want that, join us in this simple prayer; Dear Jesus, I am sorry for my sins and for my anxiety, in my own strength, I cannot control it, change it or break free from it’s oppressive grip. Please help me Jesus, I pray. Please lead me to solutions that will help me and help me learn how to manage my mind so that the oppressive disorder of anxiety does not totally take my life over as well as my family’s life over and ruin the quality of life that God wants me to have. Help me Jesus, I humbly ask and pray – Amen!