Have faith in Jesus!

Living life can be hard as you try and follow Jesus! Knowing what to do in tough times can be harder. Even though living life can be hard, we encourage you to put your faith in Jesus when time are hard!

Jesus can make your hard times easier! When you don’t like what you are going through, trust that Jesus has a plan for you that is still yet to come! Trust that what Jesus can do is more than what you have already done that has not helped your circumstances!

Cling to the fact that you don’t have to figure everything out, if you place your trust in Jesus, if you put your trust in Jesus, you should let Jesus figure it out for you!

Don’t worry! Jesus will show you the way!

As Jesus works on figuring things out for you, you should try not to worry about what you can’t control! It doesn’t help anyway! Additionally, try not to worry about the future because it hasn’t come yet!

Here are 5 reasons you should put your faith in Jesus when times are hard;

1. Jesus Lives Inside of Us When We Believe!

2. He Gave Us His Spirit so That We Could Live!

3. You Can Draw on the Power of Jesus by Believing In Him!

4. Jesus Loves You No Matter What You’ve Done!

5. Jesus is always there for People Who Need Him!

Yeah! Jesus is gonna help me!

To discover more reasons why you should have faith in Jesus, listen to the audios below! 

Audio #1
Audio #2
Audio #3

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