Have You Gotten Tired?

Even young folks become become weak and very tired, even young men get totally exhausted from having to do life. But those who trust in Jesus will find new strength. Those who turn to and partner with Jesus will find fresh new hope. Those who partner with Jesus, will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and they will not faint. -Isaiah 40:30-31

Let’s face it, life can be hard. Problems can be many. Folks can act real crazy and get on your nerves and stuff/things might not be changing or getting any better the way you might want them to….But listen, Everybody runs out of gas in their walk, you’re not alone. When you fall and you’ve run out gas and you think you can’t keep going. That’s not the time to quit, that’s the time when YOU need to turn to and partner with Jesus so that He can renew your strength. Jesus can give you the strength to finish stronger than you expected. With His strength you can go further faster and get more done, you won’t need a lot of time outs, and you certainly won’t need to call in sick, or get totally fed up with life which causes severe depression. The strength Jesus gives can never be put out. No darkness can overpower it. No demon or devil can take it. With Christ light shining in you and through you no amount of darkness or bad circumstances can overcome you. With Jesus strength, you can become empowered, equipped and you can advance forward knowing that almighty God is with you and God will back up and help whomever Christ imparts with His strength. You can get ready, you will be ready and you can become infused with a strength greater than your own. Your sufficiently can be of Christ when you partner with Him.

Therefore, you should seriously consider partnering with Christ, tag up with Christ, glean from His insights, tune in to the rhythm of His leadings, and become the recipient of His never-ending blessings and favors. You’ll be so glad that you did!

Wanna be refreshed because you wanna partner with Christ? 
Cling to this word of Christ today and always, as you cling to Christ, use this as your go-to scripture whenever you become very tired or whenever you’re going through any difficulty or challenge or test! Stand on and trust that Jesus will meet you at your point of need when you partner with Him….

Cling to this scripture-I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!

As you cling to the scripture, add a power punch that gives it a stick to it mechanism, pray, Dear Jesus, as I cling to this scripture, and I ask that you give me the desire, the time to and the space to become your partner, help me be able to do this. Teach me I humbly ask and pray how-to walk-in partnership with you as I exalt you as My personal Lord and Savior, it is in your name, I ask and pray, amen! –Evangelist Wendy Evans