Sick? Troubled? Broke? Need Healing?

Have you been dealing with an illness, a difficulty, a problem or a circumstance for a long time? Are answers for you either not showing up, not right, or not what you were looking for? Have you ever wondered what do you do when you have done all that you know to do to get healed, to get help or to get through and no matter what you do it just doesn’t seem to be working? In the audio below Mike speaks to you about what you can do when it seems like what you have done and what you are doing is not enough to bring about the healing or breakthrough that you might want or need! Listen to the audio in it’s entirety,. Reflect on the audio’s message, then allow the Holly Spirit of God to begin to illuminate the path that Jesus might begin to direct you on to obtain your long awaited healing!

Audio #2

     God is gracious and kind enough to provide for all of His children in very unique and uncommon ways. If you’ve walked with God for any length of time by developing a relationship with Him, then you know this to be true. Even if you haven’t walked with God for any length of time and haven’t developed a relationship with Him, He is still your provider and provides for you and for your daily needs. God is the giver of all things. Everything that you have comes from God,”1 Chronicles 29:14″. If this ministry has been a blessing to you in any way, help us reach the world for God by giving us a donation today so that we can reach the world for God and impact lives for the kingdom of God! 

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