A new level of partnership with Jesus could change things!

Life can be tough, and sometimes it may feel like YOU’ve exhausted all of your options. YOU may have tried everything YOU know to do, but nothing seems to work. The problems YOU face can seem hopeless, and YOU may be tempted to give up. We encourage you to keep praying, keep trying, and hold on a while longer. Jesus isn’t through yet!

Jesus does His best work when what you have tried isn’t working, doesn’t seem to make a difference and you are exhausted from going through it!

When you come to the end of what YOU can do, there is hope. And that hope comes from partnering with Jesus. When YOU turn to Jesus and ask for his help, Jesus can do miraculous things in your life. Jesus can do what seemingly looks to be impossible, inconceivable, not feasible and just too far fetched to even make sense. When Jesus is YOUR partner, He can make the impossible possible! 

When you are fed up and tired of what isn’t working, what isn’t changing and what’s just not right in YOUR life, it’s not time to quit, it’s time to move to another level in YOUR partnership with Jesus. Up until now, you may have been be a bystander, and onlooker, or a maybe I will partner with Jesus type of partner with Jesus, but when you need something you just can’t find, and your options are very few and what you have been given, just isn’t working, not changing nothing and you can’t get enough help, increasing your partnership level with Jesus is a smart option and a feasible choice to make so that you can cross over from what was into what could be when your new level of partnership begins at a higher level with Jesus. 

Instead of growing increasingly despondent and allowing the enemy to get the victory in YOUR life, change your partnership level with Jesus so that Jesus can change your circumstances and put you on better pathways. All you gotta do is pray, “Jesus, I commit my life to you, become my Lord and Savior and allow me to change my partnership level with you from that of a spectator which just reads this blog for content, ideas and new articles to that of a disciple that lives a boldly unhindered life that walks with you, talks with you and shares the good news about you with others so that I can walk into the fullness of all that God has for me. Do this for me Jesus, so that I can do that for you, it is in YOUR name I ask and pray, amen! 

After you say that prayer,  listen to the below audio to be further inspired because Jesus is going to show up in new ways because you have made a quality decision to increase your partnership level with Him so that He can increase the activity of His working, his revelations and His guidance in your life! YOU will soon begin to see new pathways that Jesus has purposed to release in YOUR life because your level of partnership with Him changed!   

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