Jesus can bring hope out of ruin!

Devastation, chaos—the world as you know it suddenly is turned upside down. That is what happened to those hit by Hurricane Ian. Everything they worked for, their life savings, and their homes all destroyed. A city lay in ruins. We cannot imagine the emotional turmoil, the fear, and the anger. And the floodwaters still rise.

Can they survive the loss of land and home? Yes, in time they can rebuild. What matters most now is their spirits that have been crushed; some have lost family, which is far more devastating than the material loss they have suffered.

Prayer and a helping hand from all the world is what they need, to know that God loves them and cares for the “what happens next?” question in their hearts that only He can answer.

The Lord is Jehovah Jireh, their Provider. Jesus is Lord and Savior, He can bring hope, new beginnings and better blessings out of ruin!

In the months and years ahead, His hand of provision will supply all their natural, emotional, and spiritual needs, but it is now that they need the Hope for tomorrow when all they see is today and what they have lost.

It is not easy to look toward a future when it seems like your life has been affected by hurricanes! It is not easy to trust God or trust Jesus when your heart is filled with pain. You can’t see ahead. And you may be tired of going through so much with no help, no answers and no breakthroughs! Jesus understands how you must feel! Pain can make you feel numb in the aftermath of such disasters but when pain gets to be too much, Jesus offers to help! If you want Jesus to help you bring hope to the areas of your life that may be in ruin, say the prayer below. Allow Jesus to step into your circumstances and do something that will help you get from where you are to where God wants you to be!

Jesus, I put my life, my hopes, my dreams and my family in your hands today.  You’re the only One I trust with all that I have and all that I am. Bless me with your help and guidance! Bless my family, my dreams and my hopes with your love, guidance and protection.  Give me the strength to overcome the difficulties I face. Thank you for your amazing plan for me, my life and my family, I look forward to your responses! It is in your name I ask and pray! Amen!

Learn more about Jesus as you wait for Jesus to respond to your prayer for help!