Can Jesus Teach You To Wait Well on God As He Works?

How many of you are waiting upon the Lord to fulfill a promise He has given you? How many of you are waiting for the Lord to bring you into your destiny? How many of you are waiting for a revelation of what God created you to accomplish in this life?

There are three things we can do in the time we are waiting for the Lord.



First, we should continue to serve where we are. Whatever you are doing at this time, continue to do it as unto the Lord. Whatever you are doing may seem very small to you, but it is something the Lord has put before you to accomplish. Service comes before promotion. The Lord lets us serve because in the service He promotes us. Many times we want to be in another position instead of where we are. This creates strife within us and this has to be dealt with before there is promotion. Serve with gladness knowing that whatever you are doing, the Lord has placed you there to bring glory to Him.

Second, praise the Lord for the opportunity He has given you everyday to be a blessing. Waiting is not to punish you, but to expand you. Waiting is not to withhold from you, but to expand your thinking so you can receive the great things the Lord has for you. We can all praise the Lord for His blessings He has given each of us.bb1d2d201930dd5e_150_Looking-up When things seem dark, begin to think on the things God has done for you in the past. There is not enough time in the day to reflect on all the great things God Has done for each of us. There is much we can praise Him for; especially when we see He is expanding our thinking and our Spiritual territory. He is giving us victory right in the mist of waiting.


Third, enjoy every day you have while you are waiting. Instead of dwelling on what is not happening, think of the things you once were excited about. Think of the times when you knew what God had said to you He was going to do. Enjoy doing what you do. If you feel you are doing little, enjoy the time you have to rest. Resting in the Lord is not always easy. Many people would give almost anything to have time to rest. Rest in the process of enjoying the life God has given you. There is nothing you can do to move the great Hand of God, so rest in the truth He knows what He is doing and He is working on your behave whether you see it or not. When we learn to rest in the Lord even when there seems to be little activity this time will destroy the spirit of strife within us. Also resting will remove the unrest we often feel when we sense nothing is happening.Pleasewait

There are many people waiting on the Lord. Never think you are the only one. If you are waiting upon the Lord you are in the majority. He is getting His people ready to be strong in His Spirit. He is teaching us not to faint when things do not happen quickly, because He knows what lies ahead. He has a promised land for each of His children and He will get each of His children in their land in His timing. He desires we trust, wait, and rest in Him.

Where are you in the waiting process? Where ever you are, you are closer today than you were yesterday. Everyday you come closer to your destiny in the Lord. You will not miss it, and the enemy will not steal it from you. Your destiny was given to you by the Lord before you were born, certainly He will bring it about for you. He loves you and will accomplish all He has promised.

PrayertoGodforhelpWant Jesus to help you learn to wait on God well? Say this simple prayer;

Prayer for you:
Dear God, please give me strength and patience as I wait upon you. You have said that “they that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength and they will mount up with wings like eagles;they shall run and not be weary and they shall walk and not faint Isaiah 40:31.” Give me rest for my weary soul, give me strength to go on, and give me the wings to fly high above my circumstances and my situations, and lastly give me your grace to not murmur and complain while I am waiting, in Jesus’s name I ask and pray.