Maybe Jesus has Already Answered Your Prayers….

Are you experiencing many hardships and uncertainties in life? Do you ever wonder if Jesus is really Your personal Lord and Savior because your problems seem to either intensify, not get any better or remain the same? Are problems that may have cropped up in your life perplexing you to the point of no return to make you question Jesus’s providential care for you and His Sovereign control in your life? Has the sting of hardships brought you to the point of praying without ceasing only to examine your results to discover that either your prayers remain unanswered or your problems remain the same? Are you fed up to the point that you either just can’t take it anymore or don’t know what else to do?

Unhappy woman lying in couch

If any of this describes you welcome to the way Jesus answers prayers. We’d like to ask you to take about 60 seconds and Consider the possibility and entertain these thoughts; What if Jesus is working to answer your prayers but the answers to those prayers are manifesting in ways that God has chosen specifically for You as His best answer For your life right now, even if the results that are manifesting are not the results that you either prayed for or asked for?

DoesnotknowWhat if where you are right now and how things are is Jesus’s answer to your prayers even if it appears to be low, stuck, barren or tight places filled with confusion, sickness, lack, or chaos? For a moment, could you imagine the possibility that God has already answered your prayers, He’s already intervened into our world from Heaven, and He has altered time and conditions to place you exactly where you are at this precise moment? Setbacks, Delays and deferment of what you want or where you want to be are all tools Jesus uses in your life to answer prayers and create right results according to God’s plans and purposes for your life.

If unwanted circumstances or conditions have brought you to the point of feeling like you’re doing all you know to do and your prayers are either not being answered consider this, Perhaps, Jesus has answered your prayer, however, your prayers have been answered and they have manifested in a way other than what you wanted or chose for it to be answered.

~Written by Evangelist Wendy Evans
“To God Be The Glory”