As A Follower Of Jesus, Seek God’s Refuge For Help+Strength!

Have you ever needed a refuge, a place to hide from the storm?

Our little boat was heading straight into a 50 MPH wind. My friend and me were out fishing on a small lake in the Midwest. We didn’t have a motor on the little two-man bass boat. All we had were the oars. We both rowed with all our strength trying to get back to shore.

We were about to give up and let the wind drive us back to the wrong shore. Then, we found a refuge. We rowed into a cove. The tall trees and the hills blocked the wind so we could keep rowing and make the little boat go where we needed it to go. We were safe.

Many times in daily life, you run into those strong head-winds. You face storms on every side. You lose a job. You lose a loved one. Someone breaks your heart. So how can you find a refuge in these daily storms of life?

Psalm 9:9-10 tells you how to find that refuge:

“The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble, and those who know Your name will put their trust in You (NKJV).”

God is your refuge and strength, if you will seek Him and ask Him to help. I cannot explain to you exactly how He will work all of this out in your daily life. Everyone has different challenges and different responsibilities.

All I can do is show you His promise to be your refuge. He has the wisdom, the power, and the strength to help you at exactly the right time.

The word refuge in this passage literally means “a secure height.” Picture yourself faced by an army of enemies. You are on the battlefield alone. But then, at the last minute, a mighty prince swoops down and carries you up to a high tower. This tower is fortified and invincible. That is exactly the picture you have in Psalm 9:9-10. Whatever your challenge is today, He will be your refuge, your high tower.

God was the refuge for Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Joseph, Daniel, King David, and for countless other believers. Why won’t He be that same protection and hiding place for you? Just ask, and then believe He will help you for the sake of His Son Jesus Christ.

Also, don’t forget to publicly thank our God when He becomes your refuge. This Psalmist goes on to say that he praised and worshiped God for the refuge and strength He provided. Do not take God for granted. Seek Him, receive His help, and then thank Him with all your might.

-G. Averill