Need More Help? Can Jesus Meet with you when YOU pray?

Jesus Christ wants to meet with you when you pray. Are you interested in getting better results in your prayer life? If you are then inviting Jesus Christ into your prayer life to see what differences He can make in your life as a result of your prayers is a wonderful thing to do!  The morning hours are a good time for you to implement  prayer  and ask Jesus Christ to join you as you pray for many factors. The first reason is related to the actual tranquility of that certain period of time. You can pray right before the kids awake and plan for school or before you get busy doing something else. In case your loved ones aren’t pleased to join you in prayer then you can certainly pray just before they awaken. By the time your morning schedule takes off appropriately, you should have already completed your prayer time with Jesus. Needless to say this can be the ideal moments to keep away from all the disruptions and distractions which are sometimes related to prayer that often crop up.

When you pray in the early morning there’s no irate employer breathing down your neck and no one distracting you from praying, you get to begin the day fresh and enjoy the newness of the day that God has given you. It is your decision to set the particular plan during the day when you will pray and you have to choose based on what time you feel is best for you to pray. If you are interested in inviting Jesus Christ into your prayer times,  before praying you could simply say something like”Dear Jesus Christ” I invite you to join me as I pray”. “I invite you to listen to the petitions of my heart and listen to my prayers – I am asking you to work and answer my prayers for my good and God’s glory according to His plans and purposes for my life”.  After you invite Jesus Christ to meet with you to pray, the following tips may be helpful for you to use when you meet with Jesus to pray;

Plan early when you will pray and then try to pray as you have planned

Ensure that you have a plan so that there’s simply no question of you missing out on other necessary things for your every day program. Set the alarm clock so that you will rise at the best time. Make sure that you rest early enough so that there are simply no questions regarding you not being able to fulfill the requirements of your routine. If you sleep very late then you will find yourself bringing about an unhealthy lifestyle based upon sleep deprivation. This is simply not an ideal option to proceed with things. Target as much time as you can to pray. If you fail to pray in the morning just pray when you can. Pray either in the shower, brushing your teeth, driving your car, going for a walk,  or at any other time you can pray but do pray. You will see that you’ll be quite cheery at work when you have invited Jesus into your prayer times and you pray early in the morning. That is truly the outcome of excellent prayer when Jesus is invited. One other thing with regards to early morning prayer is that you are demonstrably not drained. Should you pray extremely late at night then your brain will be informing you to go to sleep. You may be too tired to pray at night, so choosing any other time other than at night when you are tired to pray will yield you the best possible results.  There’s a calming peaceful atmosphere in the morning hours that you simply cannot come across in any other part of the day when you pray. If you work the night shift or if there is a whole lot of noise going on around you at night, then a peaceful atmosphere will not be available to you when you pray if you pray at night.

Praying in the daytime

If somebody is driving you up the wall  during the day or the tasks set before you are getting intolerable then take time to sit it out and pray, invite Jesus to join you as you pray. Pray and ask Jesus to help you improve whatever is driving you up the wall. Rather than screaming at your employer  or someone with annoyance,  or getting upset with intolerable situations get right down to the matter and pray, after you’ve invited Jesus into your prayer time, ask Him to help you. It may well save your valuable work or save your situations in the end. It will most certainly save your sanity. Jesus Christ wants to help you with your life’s problems and He wants to be invited into your prayer times. Jesus Christ is able to save and transform what you can’t. Invite His help and wait for His guidance, Can Jesus Christ Meet with you in Prayer?

-Rev. Bosso & The WIN International Ministries Team