When YOU Seek Jesus’s Way, Are YOU Finding anything?

In Mathew 7:7, Jesus teaches us about asking Him for what you want. When you knock, Jesus says the door will be opened, when you seek you will find.

But are you knocking?

Are you looking for Jesus to help you accomplish your goals? Do you want or need Jesus to help meet your needs? How about your talents? Do you seek help in using your talents? Would you like Jesus’s assistance in solving troubling problems or overwhelming issues? Sometimes life forces you in a headlock and the time may come when you have tired everything and everyone and it is jut not working or just not changing. This is the time to seek higher help, help and answers that can only come from God or Jesus. Journey with Jesus, take serious his desires to help you, ask Jesus for direction, then give Him time to respond. He can ease the pain when you simply ask Him to. He can work in and through your situations and do what you cannot. He will begin to change you in ways that only you and He can see. The way to your life here on earth is to know Him and what he desires from you.

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Let Jesus work on developing you and your spiritual life. Become stronger because of what you’ve been going through and because of who God has created you to be…When you get to know Jesus, He will enable you to seek His wisdom in all areas of your life from knowing what time to act on certain circumstances to knowing exactly when to pray about it. So when you bring your beliefs to Him He will enhance your prayer life an help you understand your situations. Bring all your prayers about your needs to Him and then you will see you life turn around In directions that you never thought possible. For all that seek Jesus are no longer lost but found in all ways of life and in death.


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What is it that YOU desire?

Abundance when asked for often has conditions. Your heart must be clean and your actions must be right, if your heart is not clean and your actions are not right, clean them up first and then knock again…….What you ask Jesus for on earth if you don’t get it may not be God’s plans for your life. God knows your heart and sees what you are capable of and He knows it is that you desire. God determines if it is something He wishes to give. So knock often, Seek Jesus often, Pray specifically to Jesus often, give Him many chances to hear you and allow Him to respond in ways He feels is best… Go to Jesus in all things not just the big things, but in little things too….and simply ask in faith for what you want or what you need, then wait with expectancy. Additionally, do go to Jesus even when you don’t need anything, let Him begin to teach you the rhythms of God’s grace and how God desires to work in and through your life to bring about His plans and purposes for YOUR life. Blessings to you, Shalom.



-Nancy Sabato & “The WIN International Ministries Team