Is the devil bothering You?Use your Authority!

When the devil messes with you he’s messing with Jesus. When Saul was persecuting the saint Jesus asked why are you persecuting me? What is done to the least of your breatheren is done to Jesus. When people receive you they receive Jesus. What is done to you by the devil is done to Jesus.

And Jesus is not going to put up with the devil, so why should you? The only way Jesus will put up with the devil is if you put up with him, are you going to put up with him? All power (authority) has been given to Jesus in Heaven and in Earth go ye therefore (in his name). Jesus gave you power (authority) over all of the power (ability) of the devil. And whatever you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven and whatsoever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in Heaven.

Know whose name (authority) you walk in. And whatever you ask (demand/command) in the name of Jesus that will Jesus do. Like when Paul commanded the devil to come out of the women in the name of Jesus, it came out. You too can command the devil in Jesus name and the devil has to obey you if Jesus lives in you. At the name (authority) of Jesus every knee bows.

Jesus beheld satan’s fall from Heaven like lightning because he’s the one who casted him out. The devil may have thought he was free of Jesus after his crucifixion but surprise! Jesus still walks the earth through us. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. The devil is no match for Jesus. And he is no match for you when you come against him in the name of Jesus.

The devils knows those that come against him in the name (authority) of Jesus. They know them because they have to obey.  God put all things under the feet (authority) of Jesus. Jesus is the head and you are a member of His body. So as things are under the feet of Jesus they are also under you.

Whatever you do in word and in deed do it all in the name of Jesus.  Live in the authority of Jesus.

Jesus put His spirit in you and gave you His authority, you don’t have to put up with the devil bothering you. So believe in Jesus and do his works, use His name often to defeat the devil’s work. So next time the devil shows up with his bag of tricks trying to bother you, come against the devil in the name of Jesus and firmly believe it’s not you coming against him but Jesus, and watch the devil flee!

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