Jesus wants to Help You Fix Your Life!

In case You haven’t noticed it, life is getting tougher, rougher and many different and unforeseen obstacles are cropping up every where trying to divert your focus from God’s plans and purposes for your life. These unforeseen obstacles are trying to steal your time, your energy, and your efforts so that you invest and spend time in the wrong places or with the wrong people and miss out on what God wants you to do. These obstacles are trying to lure you into the devil’s clutches with attractive bait that the devil has cleverly made attractive just for you. The fact that these type of things are occurring does not surprise Jesus. The times that we are living in are no surprise to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, He foreknew that these things would try to occur and would occur, and because He knew that they would occur, He has not left you at the devices or mercies of the tricks, schemes or scams of the devil. Jesus is offering you a way out, a way through and a way up, but you dear 1, have to be the one to seize the moment and accept Jesus Christ offer to invite Him into your life and let Him lead you and turn things around for you.


The hourglass of  our time on Earth is ticking and life is quickly moving. God is counting on us all to get in the right positions and assume responsibility for the roles that He has created for us all to play in the life story He created us for, so none of us have time to be be tricked, scammed, or lured into spending time, energy, or effort with the wrong people or doing the wrong things. It’s time to get serious about fulfilling your God given purposes here on earth and beat the devil at his own game. No matter what your life’s current situations and circumstances are, when you invite Jesus into the mix of it right now, He can and will begin to turn things around for you. Jesus can take the ruins of your life and weave a perfectly orchestrated tapestry of a life for you according to God’s plans and or purposes for your life that is quite extraordinary.  Jesus can fix the stains that others have left behind. He can make your crooked places straight, and He can show you where to cast your nets so that you can fill your pockets if they are empty. He can show you how to get your healing or how to get that job or promotion that you may have wanted or that you have been after. He can fix family relationships, dysfunctions, low places, barren places and tight places.


Do yourself a favor and accept Jesus’s invitation to let Him lead you, don’t run ahead of Jesus, wait for His leads, no matter how long it takes for Him to show up. He will show up. Let Him choose the best and safest ways for you to travel. Let Him help you navigate the mazes of your life even if your life is a mess right now. Let Jesus turn it all around for you. Jesus can and will turn it around. Jesus Christ, the son of God wants to help you, He wants to come into your life and into your circumstances and help you do what you cannot do for yourself and what you cannot do for others. He has access to the power to make happen what you cannot, let Him use it to help you. Unlike people, Jesus won’t shrink back from His responsibility of helping you or showing you the way. Unlike people, Jesus Christ, never gets tired of you calling on Him to help you and He won’t hide and wait until you figure everything out yourself and He won’t wait for you to fix your own problems before He shows up to help you. He will walk with you, talk with you and help you as you are trying to get it all together. Unlike people, Jesus Christ doesn’t get dementia or Alzheimer’s when it comes to doing what He promised that He would do in your life, He keeps His promises. Invite Jesus in your life, give Him the right to control your life, your circumstances and your outcomes, and watch and be amazed at His handiwork.

We’re living in some unusual times and the devil isn’t playing fair so be alert, be cooperative, and be smart, Invite Jesus into your heart right now while you are thinking about it and before you forget it. Let Him change your worldly perspective into a Heavenly outlook. Let Him help you fix your problems and re-create your life story according to God’s plans and purposes for your life. Let Jesus help you. You will not be disappointed. For no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him-1 Corinthians 2:9. When you invite Jesus to come into your circumstances to help you begin to re-create your life story according to God’s plans and purposes for your life, He will begin to help you re-create your life story. The re-creation of your life story will not happen through osmosis, you will be required to work along with Jesus to make it happen.

Are you ready? If you are, Jesus Christ can make things new in your life! Say this simple pray and listen to the words of this song and let Jesus Christ enter into your life and your circumstances however He chooses and watch your life be transformed;

Prayer for you:
Dear Jesus, I am a sinner, I am sorry for my sins. Please forgive me, come into my life and take control. I invite you to become my personal Lord and Savior. I invite you to help me re-create my life’s story according to God’s plans and purposes for my life. Help me dear Jesus, I ask and pray to experience this new start of the re-creation of my life’s story that God wants to give me according to God’s plans and purposes for my life. I ask and pray- Amen!