Trust God Through Your Misfortunes+Trials- Have Faith

Wonder what would happen If we could entirely trust God’s will, count on God through faith and try not to interrupt Him while He works? Do you think life might be easier? Sounds undemanding right? OK, it can be a rough life waiting on God and trying to figure out what God is doing. God never stated to us that life was going to be a bowl of cherries. Everyone of us that have escaped from the world because we follow Jesus and overcame our slavery to it, are the people that struggle with a large number of tests and trials. These people will Trust God by believing in Him.

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Just as we begin a test or trial, we want to look for a positive happening and additionally we want to grasp as much information we need to extract from it as we make one’s way through it. Sadly we fail to do this, we happen to get distressed or become afraid. That is not how we get our strength, this keeps us from advancing spiritually. We are in short supply of faith and it tells God that we can’t rely on Him or that we don’t believe that He will accompany us through our troubled times.

Many people will be aware of a lot of the tests and trials and they can’t picture what’s going on or should I say, “What they should be learning from them.” Let me try to make it clearer, when we are dealing with a misfortune, what side do we mainly think about? We think about the bad side to this problem and we are then taking on the worry or fear of this problem. What is it about us that we want to add more fuel to the fire? It just means that we don’t have enough Faith in God. That is why we have to Trust God.

Hardly anything snuffs out faith more rapidly than worries, fears and doubts. This is the basic reason most do not learn to undergo or comprehend the hard information of a lot of the sacred text that are scribed inside the Bible. Many will never advance spiritually because they have a problem letting go of their fear. Most in every instance think about a opposite conclusion than the one God has planned for them.


There is no moment of time set for these tests and trials, some may only last as much as 20 minutes, as a few may endure for as long as a month or more. This is why it can be critical for you to be awake and alert. Always be alert to whats going on and you don’t want to be too anxious to hop right into a hardship.

Don’t get discouraged about tests and trials, utilize them. They can be so energizing that there are just no words you can find to describe about them as you go through them relieved of worries, fears and doubts. You become so fine tuned to going through them and your faith is so powerful that these three words do not exist as a crutch in your life.


Jesus said to, Pick up our cross and follow Him. Certainly, you won’t be able to get to know Him if you won’t put your confidence in Him. You will either veer off to the left or toward the right. You might always be wandering haphazardly inside yourself. A person cant show you the way back to God, but Jesus is able to, once you permit Him to and have faith in Him. Just as you need to Trust God.

When you are confronted with hardships, instead of complaining or getting worried or depressed ask God for strength and guidance. If you want to mature spiritually, then you should Trust God and wait on Him as He works . He often has us go through these tests and trials so that we will learn how to overcome our carnal self and learn to have faith in Him and trust in Him as He works.